"French Amour" "French Amour" is an exhibitionist/voyeuristic experience between audience and performers meant to awaken all your senses and pique your curiosity. All of it takes place in a retro-French setting with all the glamour and allure of a timeless romance, using some of the most famous French and American chansons d’amour (love songs) to set the ambiance. Within a 360° interactive theatrical dance installation, the audience is invited to spy on different short love stories between couples at varying stages of their relationships. The choice of which story you wish to follow is yours, but as in life, there is a twist. The performers also have the choice of which story they wish to share with you. Mousset and company invite you to follow the dancer's stories and write the words with them.
"Travailler" (Reverb Award winner and audience favorite) Travailler takes its name from the French word for work. Inspired by the mentality of "survival of the fittest", the piece showcases how the idea of success infiltrates, and sometimes pollutes the mind. It portrays the "circus" of the business world, observing the compulsive behaviors of workers into their everyday routine with stress, repetition, competition and desire of escape. It also showcases the agony of workers who have to put a mask on, to play in the masquerade of the corporate world. The work embodies those elements through the dramatic use of props symbolizing success in today's culture. The choreography is approached with an instinctive and raw connection to emotions, mixing reckless, technical and pedestrian movements.
© 2016 all rights reserved |Oui Danse/Brice Mousset
Jamie Kraus pics, "Courtesy of Jacob's Pillow Dance"
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