Jamie Kraus pics, "Courtesy of Jacob's Pillow Dance"
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Pic: Michael Shi
OUI DANSE studies and reflects the human condition with grotesque elegance. Theatrical and story telling, OUI DANSE uses the art form of Contemporary Dance to offer an approachable artistic experience to all audiences. A challenge for the body, a dare into the imagination, and a reconnection with humanity! Artistic Director and Choreographer Brice Mousset uses his sensitivity to everyday life and his expertise in human sciences to observe the complexities of man and the distresses of society. It provides an unlimited source of inspiration that OUI DANSE stretches and exaggerates with love and irony. OUI DANSE not only presents dance which pushes the limits of physicality and artistry. It places on stage a community of artists, but also human beings to share their strengths and flaws, constructing a movement vocabulary and a world of ideas, for all to view and identify with. The movement is unguarded and marries risks with a visceral connection to emotions. This approach brings humanity to the story.... A humanity that, in the end, is always looking for love.
Company mission:
" ... dancers fuse commercial expertise with technical virtuosity and expressive theatricality , an engaging, propulsive work ... " Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
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Jamie Kraus pics, "Courtesy of Jacob's Pillow Dance"
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