OUI DANSE is a sponsored project of Fracture Atlas, a Non-Profit Arts Organization. Donations for the charitable purposes of OUI DANSE must be made payable to "Fracture Atlas" and are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE to the extent permitted by law. Click on the link below to contribute by credit card
DONATE hereWhere does your donation go? Donor $35+ pays one hour of dance studio rental Friend $150+ pays for a dancer's hard work in rehearsal for a week Associate $300+ pays for a light designer or costumes Patron $1,000+ pays for flight tickets to allow OUI DANSE to tour Supporter $2,500+ Creates community outreach opportunities, including open rehearsals, studio showings, master classes Sponsor $5,000+ pays for some of the theater rentals For Matching Gift Donations, Corporate and Foundation Giving please contact: contact@ouidanse.com Gifts Donors above $300 will be acknowledged and thanked on OUI DANSE website and programs Donors above $1,000 will also be invited to a company rehearsal Donors above $5,000 will also receive 2 tickets to the next show
or donate by CHECK: Check payable to Fracture Atlas earmarked for "Brice Mousset/OUI DANSE" and mail to: BRICE MOUSSET/OUI DANSE 311W 55th Street # 4C NY, NY, 10019
OUI needs YOU to hit people in the heart! The company did its first step, help us to do the grand jeté!
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Jamie Kraus pics, "Courtesy of Jacob's Pillow Dance"
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